Agile Practices from Tesla and Spotify experts at International Intellias Conference

Intellias, a global IT company, will gather world-known Agile experts to discuss techniques and instruments for leading businesses during a crisis.

From June 1–3, the global software provider Intellias will hold a three-day conference on Agile development methodologies during challenging times. Intellias Agile Days will unite over 1000 online attendees from all over the world. The audience will include developers, QA engineers, Scrum masters, product owners and managers, Agile coaches, business analysts, and IT company CEOs, who will have the opportunity to interact and exchange ideas. The conference is free and open to everyone.

The conference’s theme is “the art of business survival during a crisis.” World-leading Agile experts from Poland, the USA, Bulgaria, Spain, and other countries will talk about their practical cases and share their knowledge about Agile methods during times of crisis.

Agile is a healthy way to find solutions, something like a trial-and-error method. Using flexible development processes, engineers can conduct certain research which helps create products that meet clients’ needs. The same flexible processes help businesses respond effectively to trying times

Roman Pavlyuk, VP of Digital Strategy at Intellias

Among the planned speakers are Joe Justice, who will talk about Agile methods at Tesla; Piotr Majkowski, with his insights into Spotify’s Agile instruments; Alex Ballarin, a Scrum trainer at, who will speak about user-centric Scrum teams; Nicola Bogdanov, co-founder of AgilePool, with his view on personal coaching; Roman Pavlyuk, VP of Digital Strategy at Intellias, who will talk about product management services and practices; and Yurgen Appelo, the author of Management 3.0, who will talk about why innovations are more than just Agile or Lean and how we can manage the system instead of people.

Agile Intellias is directly supporting companies, and more importantly, humanity, in crisis. This is not a situation that we can predict and plan with an annual budget. This is an emerging response. To be effective, to be humane, we are agile. At this conference, I will bring what I learned working for Elon Musk

Joe Justice, board member at Agile Business Institute

Despite the Covid-19 pandemic and the full-scale russian invasion of Ukraine, Intellias has managed to maintain its business and even continue its geographical expansion. Currently, the company is opening offices in Poland, Bulgaria, Croatia, Spain, Portugal, and Colombia. Intellias believes that Agile methods and techniques can help a company navigate in times of uncertainty.

Participation in Intellias Agile Days is free, but attendees are encouraged to make donations to support Ukraine. Intellias aims to raise money for nonprofit organizations dedicated to providing humanitarian aid to the Ukrainian people.

Read more about the conference and register by following this link.

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